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Don't Let a Broken Fridge Spoil Your Night

Your fridge is a crucial part of your home's functionality. When something goes wrong, you need fast, reliable service. Both homeowners and business owners depend on B & B Services for refrigerator repair and freezer repair services in Stamford, TX. Our team will inspect your unit, provide you with an estimate and take care of the repairs quickly.

Speak with a team member today to schedule your repair.

Recognize the signs of a damaged freezer

Recognize the signs of a damaged freezer

The sooner you notice problems with your fridge or freezer, the easier those problems will be to fix. You should let B & B Services know if you notice...

  • Temperature issues
  • Loud noises
  • Water leaks
  • Broken door latches
While these issues may seem minor, they can lead to bigger problems as time goes on. Call 254-433-1457 now to schedule a refrigerator repair or freezer repair.